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Trade Global Stock CFDs with Basel Capital Markets

With Basel Capital Markets, one can trade CFDs with almost any security in the world underlying. Among these tradable assets are also global stocks.

Among those stock CFDs we offer, you will find a wide variety of the world’s most known companies, from the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), Euronext, DAX, NASDAQ and the LSE (London Stock Exchange), as well as stocks and indices from the Middle East and Asia.

Trade on brands you know

Since we offer such a wide variety of assets from  different exchanges around the world to trade on, you always can choose to trade the companies you believe in and love outside of your trading career.  Love ordering products on Amazon? Do all of your friends have a membership with Netflix? Do your kids always ask you for Apple products? Do enjoy driving Mercedes automobiles?  You can give your token of faith by trading the stock of the respective brands! A right assessment of the stocks progress can now be twice as rewarding as before!

Available stocks on our platform

At Basel Capital Markets, we never stop trying to give our customers the best conditions and environment to successfully trade in.  As a part of those ongoing efforts, our list of available stocks to trade from, as well as the commissions for each asset are changed on an almost daily basis. To make sure that you are only accessing the most relevant data, you can view the full list of currently  available assets and conditions directly in the trading terminal (either through our SIRIX Trader or the MetaTrader Terminal).

Among our most popular stocks:

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Netflix
  • ebay
  • Coca Cola
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Microsoftand many more!

Enhance your stock trading with Basel Capital Markets

As an Basel Capital Markets customer, you can trade with a leverage, which enhances and multiplies your buying power, and therefore your end result from each and every leveraged transaction.

As a professional trader, you can get up to ten times as high a leverage as a retail  customer, allowing you to multiply the end product of your trades, and get much more out of your capital.

Want to learn more about our professional customer program?

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