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Trade various assets with Basel Capital Markets

With Basel Capital Markets, one can trade CFDs with almost any security in the world underlying.

Except traditional securities like currency pairs, stocks, commodities and indices, you can also find various assets like ETFs and Crypto Currencies in our platform.

Miscellaneous Assets Available

Here at Basel Capital Markets, we believe it is important to always forwards, towards the future.

As a part of our belief in the future, we also crypto currencies will  play a major role in tomorrow’s economy.  That’s  why we brought them right to your doorstep – so that you realize, the future is sometimes only one click away!

Enhance your trading with Basel Capital Markets

As an Basel Capital Markets customer, you can trade with a leverage, which enhances and multiplies your buying power, and therefore your end result from each and every leveraged transaction.

As a professional trader, you can get up to ten times as high a leverage as a retail customer, allowing you to multiply the end product of your trades, and get much more out of your capital.

Want to learn more about our professional customer program?

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