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Trade Forex with Basel Capital Markets

With Basel Capital Markets, one can trade CFDs with almost any security in the world underlying. Among these tradable assets are also currency pairs.

Within our large variety of available currencies to trade from, you can find Europe’s strongest currencies, like the Euro, Swiss Franc and the British Pound, major currencies from around the world like the U.S. Dollar, Australian Dollar or Japanese Yen, and even exotic currencies like the Danish Crown, Mexican Peso or Indian Rupee. With Basel Capital Markets, a trip around the world goes as fast as scrolling your mouse past our vast list of available assets.

Trade 24/7

No matter  what your trading habits may be like, our global coverage of various exchanges allows you to always find available assets being traded at the time of your convenience.

Whether you prefer trading with the light of dawn, at evening from the couch in your living room, or on your lunch break from work – you will always find available assets  on our platform!

Endless opportunities

Using the Economic Calendar available on our site, you can always find interesting events and reports taking place in economies around the world, and find the corresponding assets directly in the trading platform! This tool provided by qualified external sources presents you daily with trading opportunities and relevant informations.

Enhance your FX trading with Basel Capital Markets

As an Basel Capital Markets customer, you can trade with a leverage, which enhances and multiplies your buying power, and therefore your end result from each and every leveraged transaction.

As a professional trader, you can get up to ten times as high a leverage as a retail customer, allowing you to multiply the end product of your trades, and get much more out of your capital.
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